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The 14 Day Cycle

In June Eran Yashiv wrote an article for the Financial Times Tit indicated the work of Uri Alon and Ron Milo at Israel's Weizmann Institute about how we begin to open societies for four days out of every 14. It cites the infection times around a 14 day cycle , most are non infectious for the first 3 days , peak infection around 4 -7 days . A 14 day cycle that sees people going to work for four days and locked down for 10 would obviously minimise any spread of the disease.

I am very attracted to this model as a way of surviving any COVID surge even through the flu season which is to come . It also really suits clinical practice that sees 4 days Face to Face with clients and 10 days online practice . Face to Face is absolutely necessary to enable the right osteopathic realignment , however the online session can allow for discussion , coaching , teaching exercises and nutrition advice. The end result is good treatment and change which ensures a more solid result , the client being fitter and ready to look after themselves. The current research supports this kind of treatment regime fully.

I have adopted this regime into the practice diary , so I hope to continue with the great practical skills I have at spinal solutions as well as expand the patient involvement all to a more enhanced spinalsolutions practice and patient experience .

Additionally we are at you service through any lockdown we can reman open and efficient ready to care .

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