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Mantra - Coaching

What is Mantra Style Coaching 

A Mantra is: a motivating chant such as  "I think, I can, I think I can "It is repeated over and over again, indeed it may be that through our lives we experience all kinds of Mantras that influence us either positively or negatively. They are potent, not just by repetition but the emotion that can be conveyed through rhythm and tone. Through careful coaching, it is pertinent and therapeutic to create positive mantras that become a powerful force for change. This continuous modeling through mantra does not mean we program or brainwash ourselves but I believe both through knowledge from my Mentor at the Reach Approach Birmingham ,and deep personal experience .that is a creative pathway.  Paradoxically deep and connected creative pathways are opened and an immunity to negative influence emerges that directs self-change through an immersive experience 

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