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FaceBook Offer

Treatment Option for Every-Body 

Full Osteopathic Asessment and Treatment for £39.00 only

our usual 1st time apointment price is £60.00


Why do we do offers ? 
What does it involve

A busy Osteopathic practice can sometimes be like an international Airline, we have days where there are natural gaps, and cancellations, and holiday time finds us less busy than normal. Therefore it is appropriate and interesting to create "slots" at a cheaper price and create offers. 

We are committed to helping you find/discover solutions to your back pain, neck pain, chronic fatigue, and other injuries. This treatment is comprehensive and there is no onus to increase your treatments although we do have programs of 4 which we also offer. We aim to give you the whole solution and point you to where you might start to create your solutions, through diet exercise, etc. Further treatment is never advised based on "must", it's a choice and will always remain so. Indeed our aim in health is for you to manage as best as you can independently, it must become your solution!

This offer will continue until 15 Jan 2024 however once purchased and arranged we can see you after that date if thats what you need .  

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