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Dr Raymond Perrin

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Here spinalsolutions we specialise in Chronic Fatigue . Our treatments are based primarily on the work of Dr Raymond Perrin founder of the Perrin Technique. Perrin Technique is the result of his personal research and Academic Research which began with the conviction that ME/ Chronic fatigue in some cases was correlated to a pattern of restriction observed in the thoracic spine. This pattern of resistance reflected as an observed dip in the middle of the back (thorax) or an increased pattern of flexion (bent forwards) . In addition to these changes in the thorax a palpable change in the lymphatic system could be seen . This was especially so in the areas of the breast tissue , cervical lymph nodes and nodes around the gut. Dr Perrin was later to term this a ‘varicosed’ lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is vital for the transport of fats from the digestive organs , immune function, and transport and subsequent detoxification of endogenous and exogenous toxins. Over 13 years many patients were seen to benefit from a lymphatic drainage coupled with general osteopathic techniques indeed much of the research seemed to confirm many of the observations of the more Traditional Model of Osteopathy which drew a relationship between the sympathetic nervous system and the physical condition of the verterbral spine. From my own personal observations I believe that Dr Perrin has confirmed the very basis of ‘Osteopathic theory ‘ and that the technique has potential benefits that go very much beyond Myalgic Encephalomylitis/ Chronic Fatigue .

As far as Chronic fatigue goes I see a definate relationship between all ‘alternative’ methods of treatment in that each seems to have a piece of the jigsaw necessary for successful treatment, I believe the Perrin Technique holds a vital clue even though for some patients its not the whole problem , it certainly forms an important part.

Treatment begins with a 12 week drainage programme involving work at the clinic and a mixture of homework , initially there can be adverse reactions as the toxins surface from lymphatic circulation ,this then eases off for a progressive recovery. Perrin Technique is best completed along with nutritional support to support cellular and lymphatic function. Contact the Perrin Clinic or spinalsolutions at 01216380105 . Additionally if you live in another part of the country outside of the west Midlands and require general advice please do not fail to contact us.

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