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And So to Posture

I have began exploring movement with an experienced an yoga teacher Julie

Baker -

I am determined to complete a handstand, its always been an impossible task to me

and I had thought it was based on weakness in my upper arms . Admittedly I

am not so good at pull ups to a bar either . However sometimes I believe we learn to accept a truth about the function of our bodies which is indeed only a 'label ' .

My work as an Osteopath means I do have to create 'labels ' as a way of reaching a diagnostic outcome .

In cases where a patient arrives in constant pain or very acute pain, applying a clinical sieve

is an essential part of my profession . However some labels we use in the profession I believe may create more limitation rather give a client room for improvement , indeed current commentary within the professions of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy have indicated that

we have really some outdated ' labels 'that we sometimes have applied in describing the tightened tissues and spinal creaks we come across - such as:

' the back of a 90 year old '

'scar tissue '

'crumbling spine ' .

Indeed labelling extends a long way into the medical profession it seems to have its origins as a kind of 'songline ' to remember and group diseases and clinical presentations. However useful that method may have been there appears to be a negative aspect to it.

Current research has shown us that the correct language forms an essential part of recovery and that people can heal well and return to function once the clinicians/ therapists expectations ,and the clients expectations and imagery are confronted with logic, kindness and science . The language and imagery should provide a positive outlook.

So back to me and adventures in 'handstands ' . What I thought I couldnt do was not really based on truth , after being observed critically by Julie , hope was born . My work involves me standing over a client and using my chest muscles , this brings my scapulae forwards

and also my glenohumeral position in relation to it . Consequently I cant strech the shouder fully back, to create a good line to stand on my hands . Julie showed me small but progressive exercises that rotate the shoulder back and encouraged a small practice daily .

A potential future in handstands and handstand press ups awaits me!!!

There's more to be gained however, because a better shoulder position creates generally an open chest which eases respiration . The ease of respiration will help me in my martial arts , in my general work but also there is some research that indicates it eases the stress response as the body is less contracted forwards and excessively toned ready for action Staying relaxed in a good posture has the benefit of reducing the release of cortisol and probably the relaxed and positive feedback to the brain has a calming rather than stimulating effect on physiology .

The wider lesson for practice and clients is that ' practice and all is coming' as one

famous yoga teacher once said . So I hope that we do more work with Julie as her knowledge is extensive , boiled from a cauldron of experience . Also I hope that patients

arriving at the practice can realise the same dream that :

It may be slow progress but regular practice

You are are not broken - but things may need to change

change is illuminating and can also be fun

We hope to do some ' vlogging' on my progression through handstands and other

questions regarding , movement and posture . Please drop in and check us out

You Tube channel - No42 The Practice . I'm sure that in most cases the introduction of small

corrective work and general movement completed regularly, may be able to reverse some things that seem apparently permanent. Yoga practice correctly practiced and executed may be a pathway to general maintenance, also I believe approaching one simple problem

with a small change can reap bigger changes and more surprise, we will see.

If you need a yoga teacher and you are near Birmingham City Centre or Mosley

the go along she really comes highly recommended

Fran - O


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