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The return of spinalsolutions

For those of you who are on our Facebook page you will have read the recent posts on the return of spinalsolutions and thus France Quirin Registered Osteopath . The difficulties have been immense for all of us experiencing the fear, casualties , restrictions and changes that this pandemic has brought about .

For myself the practice had to close because of the intimate , non social distancing that is part of general osteopathic practice . During that time I have been part of my family's protection bubble around my son who had just received a pacemaker device fitted to maintain function of his heart , affected by Muscular Dystrophy . In addition my role as Osteopath for the Muscular Dystrophy support centre West Midlands meant online work to keep patients mobility and respiration maintained .

In May I assessed the practice and the new protocols required for clinical practice , it was obvious that changes in the clinic had to be made. Thus began an ascent to refurbish the practice , for me this has felt akin to a climbing of Everest . So many changes had to be made so that surfaces were wipeable , also a dance of social distancing had to be enabled so that both patient and practitioner could maintain clinical and community responsibility by being safe .

Refurbishment could mean a pragmatic symphony of paint and wood orchestrated through tradesmen of all descriptions . I did a 'self build ' aided by friends. I found it to be much much more .

I used the services of a designer from Italy Francesca Tomada , her skills and creativity are unquestionably of the highest standard , the result of her design is a warm space which is both appropriate neat and clinical , it is really impossible not to gape in wonder at the end result , especially if one had experience of the previous decor .

She set a form and I set myself to take up the shape advised and dictated , all the colour form and standard . I found it challenged the boundaries of my focus ,stamina and indeed suprised me with an effect which could only be termed emotional .

My observations of yoga practice are that a symmetric form is set by the teacher and students aspire to perfect it as best as possible with their own physical structure . What is termed the 'edge' is experienced by the students as they challenge ' boundaries' . The effects are physical and can be emotional . The whole experience a benefit of change .

I feel this experience was not dissimilar reflecting the challenge of shape and form like a yoga form or 'Asana'. Form helps us create order and maybe improved function of our internal and eternal environments.

It is a true lesson for me so much has been learned and changes I feel down to every cell in my body . The reader may think this is an exaggeration , I promise you not !!. Indeed I would encourage gentle yoga practice and good household and office order as an exercise in change . Do these practices mindfully , feel the pains and difficulties , ride through and know they will pass . This part of ' change ' I'm sure can be helpful to guide us to know ourselves better, if you are not already there . I believe Environmental , Physical , Mental and Spiritual change are all pillars that can lead to self knowledge and a life that is more economic in energy use.

More will follow on future blogs and I would definately encourage you all to get into Marie Kondo style folding of your clothes and ordering of drawers and cabinets . For me Francesca from Tomada designs is as good as Marie Kondo and if you want to take this journey please contact me at the practice through email . I guarantee you there will be change !!!

For more pictures see our Facebook page this week

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